Monday, October 8, 2012

Christina Hendricks says Ryan is everything we want him to be

NW interviewed Christina and this is what she said about Ry-Ry ;)

We’re buzzing a bit because you’ve been in the same room – several times – as Ryan Gosling.
I know. It’s very exciting! Women are like, “Aaaaaaah!”.

What’s he like?
He’s amazing, yeah. He’s very polite, he’s very lovely. He’s everything you want him to be! [Laughs.]

Did even a tiny part of you think, ‘Maybe I’ll just leave my husband for him’?
Ha! Absolutely not! I find him incredibly talented and incredibly charming, but that thought never occurred to me!

What ran through your mind when you got the call that he wanted you for his new movie How to Catch a Monster?
Um, I was a bit giddy, I think! My manager called and said, ‘Ryan Gosling wants to call you, is it ok if I give him your number? And I was like, “YES! Yes, of course it’s ok!’ So I think I was a bit excited and nervous when he called, and then he said he’d been writing this script and he’d imagined me in this lead role, and would I take a look at the script. And I said, Send it on over.

Did you do a happy dance?

I’m sure I must have. I’m sure I must have done a happy dance – I’ll probably continue to do happy dances throughout the entire process!

So, do you two text each other?
No, we don’t text each other! There have been emails though!

“Hey, Ry-Ry…”
Professional emails! Very professional! I love your crush on Ryan Gosling, it’s very cute!

It’s true, we do have a bit of a crush. It’s terrible! So what else did he say, what does he smell like? No really. What does he smell like?
I don’t think I know the answer to that question! But do you know his band? Have you heard his band?

No, actually! This a shocking gap in our knowledge base!
Oh, if you’re going to be a Ryan Gosling fan you’ve gotta check out his band – it’s called Dead Man’s Bones. It’s really good. You’ve gotta do your Gosling research! But it is a really great band, you should check it out.

The interviewer was such a fangirl. Very funny. And she talked about Dead Man's Bones. How nice of her.


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