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Saoirse Ronan talks about Ryan Gosling as a director

She talked with Collider about Ryan:

Right, real fast, I’m so excited about Ryan Gosling’s directorial debut. May, Detroit, you’re filming. Talk a little bit about how excited you are to possibly work with him in that film. I could have talked about Wes Anderson and there’s a million other things, but Ryan Gosling.

Ronan: No, I’m really excited about it. I met Ryan a few years ago and thought he was just the loveliest guy. I really think he’s such a great actor as well and he’s made great decisions. I know that as a director, he’ll make great choices with this. I know he’s going to do a great job. He wrote it as well. It’s very cool. It’s very stylized. I think it’ll be great fun to do. The thing is, he’s an actor’s actor, so he really respects other actors. I think that’ll come through as a director too. 

Friday, March 22, 2013

New York Times on The Place Beyond the Pines

The New York Times have posted a great interview with Ryan Gosling and Derek Cianfrance about their second project together 'The Place Beyond the Pines'.  The New York Times reporter Dennis Lim interviewed Ryan and Derek at the  Waldorf-Astoria recently and has a great insight into their dynamic.
"legs up on a coffee table, evidently happy to reprise the bantering double act they honed while promoting the acclaimed 2010 indie drama “Blue Valentine.” Speaking of their second film together, “The Place Beyond the Pines,” opening Friday, they were not exactly finishing each other’s sentences — the voluble Mr. Cianfrance tends to finish his own — but had clearly settled into an established rhythm. Mr. Cianfrance (pronounced SEE-in-france), 39, spoke with earnest passion; Mr. Gosling, 32, mostly listened and smiled, contributing the occasional wry remark and arched eyebrow."

Read the interview here although be warned it does contain some spoilers to the plot.

There is also a great clip of Derek narrating the opening sequence of the film here

The article contrasts the approach used by Derek in directing Blue Valentine (Ryan and Derek's last collaboration and a must see movie) with The Place Beyond the Pines:
"On “Blue Valentine” Mr. Cianfrance had Mr. Gosling and Michelle Williams live together for a month in what would be their characters’ marital home. For “Pines” he again wanted to “put the actors in an aquarium of real life,” he said. They shot in police precincts and used actual tellers for bank robberies. Mr. Cianfrance modeled chase and getaway scenes after rough-and-tumble reality shows like “Cops.”

With “Blue Valentine,” Mr. Gosling said, “I feel like time was the star of that movie. It took 12 years for him to make, and that made it unique.” But on “Pines” “we didn’t have a lot of time,” he continued. “I thought we were rushing it, and we had to make snap decisions. But that became the essential ingredient. It was very different from ‘Blue’ but in the same way Derek found a way to make the process the key.”


Wednesday, March 20, 2013

NEW Only God Forgives still with Ryan Gosling

So badass! ;)

You can see all the new stills at the source

Ryan talks about The Place Beyond the Pines, his directorial debut and... geese?

That's a good and funny interview:


In Derek Cianfrance's The Place Beyond The Pines, Ryan Gosling's carnival stunt cyclist Luke, covered in tattoos up to his throat, bleached blond, with a knife, invites us to follow him. There is Eva Mendes as single mum Romina - does he remember her? Bradley Cooper portrays police officer Avery Cross, a rookie from a wealthy family. Meanwhile, Ben Mendelsohn is a shady mechanic with something less than legal on his mind. Gosling speaks about Mendelsohn's relationship with him and Canada geese, tattoos, How To Catch A Monster and why he felt at home in Schenectady, New York, where the film was shot.

Anne-Katrin Titze: Luke has his life written on his body. I was wondering, with clothes, you feel them as an actor - you are changing your clothes, you are changing into another character. Tattoos you don't physically feel, they were obviously painted on you. How did they affect your performance? How did you feel having such a marked body?

Ryan Gosling: Ashamed. The plan was, let's create a portrait of Somebody that has lived a lifetime of making bad decisions. So let's put on the most bad tattoos you have ever seen. And when I did the face tattoo, it was just too much, it was overkill. And I went to Derek [Cianfrance] and said I can't do this, I look ridiculous, it will ruin the movie. And he said, "Well, I'm sure that's how people with face tattoos feel." They regret them. I really fought him, and he said, "No, this movie's about consequences and now you have to pay the price." So, I really did feel that overwhelming sense of shame. I didn't want to look at myself in the mirror, I didn't want to be photographed. When I was holding our kid, this kid who played our [Romina and Luke's] son, Tony Pizza, that's his name, I felt so ashamed that this was his father, you know. So, it gave me something that I couldn't have acted. When I was walking into that church and I was looking that way, I felt so embarrassed.

AKT: The film draws a line - the patterns on the church windows follow the patterns on your body. They are somehow connected in a very eerie way.

RG: Oh, yeah… It's hard to talk about performance without talking about Derek. He never writes these emotional marks into the script. [The crying in the church], that's not scripted. You never come into the scene feeling this pressure that you have to hit this high note. If they happen, they happen naturally. In the case of that [scene], it was early on in the movie and I felt, I got lost in the surface nature of the character and I had overdone it. And I just walked into that church and I felt, like I was saying, that sense of shame, and then that scene happened.

The film is filled with breathing and carnival noises, as haunted men cycle through patterns spinning out of control.

RG: He is like in the motorcycle version of a boy band in the early Nineties, doing some low-rent carnival circuit. It doesn't get worse than that. He is like a melting pot of every masculine cliche - tattoos, muscles, guns - it's a joke. And then he's presented with this child that he didn't know he had. It's like a mirror is held up to him and he realises that he is not a man at all. That none of those things make you a man. That he's a completely surface person without any depth. There's a tremendous amount of shame. In the same way that he over-romanticises himself and creates his own mythology, he has the same romantic ideas of turning it around and starts robbing banks, which is as unthought out as his face tattoo.

The carnival comes to nowhere land Schenectady, New York, once a year and blows the motorcycle stunt driver with the permanent tear into the town where the film was shot.

RG: Derek wanted to shoot all the heists in one shot, including the riding in and the escape. The cool stuff was Rick Miller [the stunt double]. You know, when Batman rides a motorcycle, it's Rick Miller. He's the best in the business. He has become a good friend, we had a great time. He was very patient with me.

AKT: You have a scene with Ben Mendelsohn in the forest, where you are running after a flock of Canada Geese. It's really funny and at the same time you are preparing for the heist.

RG: If we could talk to Ben Mendelsohn right now, he'd be chasing some geese. That's what it's like to hang out with him. I loved [filming there]. I'm from this small town in Canada called Cornwall. It's very similar to Schenectady so I felt very much at home.

AKT: You just came across the geese, and said: "Okay, let's chase them?"

RG: Yeah.

Derek Cianfrance explored romantic love with Gosling in Blue Valentine (2010) and unearthed his hidden talents through improvisation.

RG: I feel very lucky to have met him and to work with him. This movie, I think, is like the directorial equivalent of a bank heist. it just took so much planning to pull it off. What I admire about him so much, is that his filmmaking is, like, invisible, very cinematic, very unselfconscious. He's got guts. The structure of the film took a lot of guts. A lot of people told him not to. He's just the most stubborn person I've ever known. He just will not change it. To me, what's amazing is, it has all the elements of a traditional heist film, crime thriller, family drama. All the different genres, and yet it's kind of deconstructed.

Gosling took advice from real-life bank robbers.

RG: They said something interesting. In reality, in the bank training, they are told to give the money up. The truth is, all the guns and the yelling and all of that nonsense is not really necessary.

AKT: In The Place Beyond the Pines, you are advised that you have to go to the weakest woman teller first.

RG: See, I don't think that any of this is necessary. You just go and politely ask for all the money and they have to give it to you. You just have to get away with it.

Hitchcock showed us in Psycho, how easy it was, to have audiences jump ship in mid-stream. Anyone who played cops and robbers as a child, knows it too.

AKT: Did you connect with Janet Leigh, being killed off half way through the movie?

RG: I did. I've never felt more like Janet Leigh in my life.

Of course, since I'm talking to a Gosling, I was curious about the cast for his upcoming directorial debut, dark fantasy How To Catch A Monster.

RG: You can only be yourself. It sounds cheesy, but when it comes to filmmaking, there's no way to hide. You can tell so much about somebody by the films they make. I like casting people I have worked with before. Christina Hendricks, Eva [Mendes], Saoirse Ronan, Dr Who star Matt Smith, and Mendelsohn.

AKT: Any geese?

RG: I'm sure they'll follow.


Ryan Gosling is so sweet to his fans

This interviewer has nothing but praise for Ryan after asking for an autograph for his daughter

Sam Rubin's daughter is about to incur the wrath of the legions of Ryan Gosling fans.
The KTLA reporter was offered the chance to fly to New York and interview Gosling about his upcoming movie 'The Place Beyond the Pines.' When his 17-year-old daughter Perry heard the news she sent him off with the mission of bringing back a signed memento.
Although Rubin admits he wouldn't normally ask a celebrity for an autograph on the job, he was willing to make an exception for his daughter.
Rubin came to the interview prepared with a copy of Gosling's little-known 2009 indie rock album for him to sign. Perry also prepped her father with other obscure facts about the actor that surprised him.
In the end Sam Rubin walked away not only with the autographed record, but also with a personal message for Perry: "We have to stop meeting this way."
Best dad ever? We think so.
Watch the video at the Source

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NEW pics of Ryan Gosling in Detroit

It looks like pre-production has started for How to Catch a Monster! Ryan was spotted in Michigan over the weekend and some lucky fans got pictures with him. Check them out:

Sunday, March 10, 2013

The Place Beyond the Pines video interviews

And promo has started :D

Ryan's interview with Collider:

Here's Ryan and Eva's interview with JakeTheMovieGuy:

Thanks to@LisabetSalander for the tip.

Source  / Source

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BTS pics of The Place Beyond the Pines

W Magazine have a great slideshow of behind the scenes pictures of Ryan Gosling's next film The Place Beyond the Pines.

"Ryan Gosling, on day one of the shoot. In addition to bleaching his hair and covering himself in tattoos, Ryan (who plays a motorcycle stunt driver) put on a good 40 pounds of muscle for the role. In this scene we’re about to shoot, he is supposed to be eating a burger. We did eight takes, which meant Ryan had to eat eight burgers."
Click on the source below to see great behind the scenes images from Atsushi Nishijima.  There are scenes including Ryan's co-stars Eva Mendes and Bradley Cooper.


First clip of The Place Beyond the Pines

The Place Beyond the Pines opens in New York and Los Angeles on March 29, followed by a wider release in April.

E online has a look at the film with an exclusive clip .... Have a look here

***UPDATE*** YouTube version