Monday, February 4, 2013

Want to be directed by Ryan Gosling?

There is a casting call for parts in Ryan's directorial debut “How to Catch a Monster” which looks likely to film in Detroit.  Ryan reportedly scouted southeast Michigan locations for the movie last summer and the films producers have applied for the state of Michigan’s tax incentives.

Currently the roles of “Bones,” “Frankie” and “Face” are asking for video submissions but excitingly the site says to check back often as more roles will be made available.  So check at the site (here) if you're interested!!
(Lead) Male, 17- 19 in appearance; caucasian or mixed race (caucasian and African-American)
An introspective loner with an active imagination. His challenging home life has toughened him, but he still clings to childhood fantasies. Balancing melancholy intensity with an innocent sense of wonder, he is driven by a strong desire to face his fears. Soulful, offbeat and quietly charismatic.

Male (3-6, bi-racial [preferably Caucasian/African-American])
A "feral" like boy who is constantly getting into trouble for trying to escape his school and house. Quiet and withdrawn but with an expressive face and deeply active internal life. Almost reminiscent of a silent film character. Younger brother of BONES. Please Note: We are looking for a natural, realistic performance from children, not an exaggerated one.

Male (13-mid 20's, any race)
A small-town trouble maker from the wrong side of the tracks. He is the constant, silent companion of the dark and sinister character, BULLY. His trademark is the unusual and distinctive appearance of his face. We are seeking actors with any type of unique and unconventional facial characteristics for this role. The more uncommon and different-looking the better. Actors with scars, birth marks are encouraged to submit.
 The filming is scheduled to begin shooting in Detroit in May.

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