Thursday, March 28, 2013

Saoirse Ronan talks about Ryan Gosling as a director

She talked with Collider about Ryan:

Right, real fast, I’m so excited about Ryan Gosling’s directorial debut. May, Detroit, you’re filming. Talk a little bit about how excited you are to possibly work with him in that film. I could have talked about Wes Anderson and there’s a million other things, but Ryan Gosling.

Ronan: No, I’m really excited about it. I met Ryan a few years ago and thought he was just the loveliest guy. I really think he’s such a great actor as well and he’s made great decisions. I know that as a director, he’ll make great choices with this. I know he’s going to do a great job. He wrote it as well. It’s very cool. It’s very stylized. I think it’ll be great fun to do. The thing is, he’s an actor’s actor, so he really respects other actors. I think that’ll come through as a director too. 

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