Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Ryan McHenry is back!

And Ryan Gosling is still not eating his cereal!

Our most popular post by far (click here to see the original post) was when we saw a very funny new vine showing Ryan Gosling refusing to eat a spoonful of cereal. 

Watching that post help Ryan McHenry's vine spread across the world was a lot of fun for us!  Ryan was so nice it was great to see him get so much success and attention for his creativity!  Read his interview with Digital Spy to see how the news spread.

So we were sad to hear that Ryan's next news was not as positive as he learned he had a rare form of cancer.  Ryan also shared his inspiring journey with us on social media (his interview with The Verge is well worth a read).

It's great to see that Ryan is back posting vines and the cereal meme continues!! Turns out Harry Styles is not a cereal fan either .....

Can't wait to see where Ryan's creativity takes him next!  Follow him on twitter at @RyanWMcHenry to keep up with everything new.

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