Sunday, November 11, 2012

Happy Birthday Ryan Gosling!

Today is Ryan's birthday and he is looking fine!

Now what were we saying? Oh, yes!

Dear Ryan,

Remember the Titans? Well, we do. You were always a Believer and us too. You are the best in our [Note]book and will Stay that way forever because there isn't a Fracture on our love and admiration. You Drive us Crazy Stupid, Love. It doesn't matter if you are in The Place Beyond the Pines or where Only God Forgives, we wish you All Good Things in life.

Happy Birthday!

Ryan gave us so much so we wanted to give something back today. We have decided to donate to one of Ryan's favorite charities so please consider donating to 'Raise Hope for Congo'

Thank you :)


  1. love your wishes :) happy birthday Ran!

  2. I like Ryan gosling very much. He is a very brilliant actor. His movie drive is really a fantastic movie. His drive jacket which he worn in the movie drive was looking very cool.