Thursday, November 8, 2012

Ryan Gosling will start shooting How to Catch a Monster in May

That's what the lovely Christina Hendricks said to E!:

Is there anything Ryan Gosling can't do?

The hunky actor, who's already aced acting (and the coloring book world!), will be making his directorial debut with his upcoming fantasy flick How to Catch a Monster, starring Christina Hendricks.

Hendricks says she's already impressed with the work Gosling's done behind the camera.

"I think he's going to be amazing [at directing]," Hendricks told as last night at the 2012 AFI Fest premiere of her new film Ginger and Rosa in Hollywood.

"So far, he's so prepared and so passionate about everything," she dished. "He's already come up with amazing storyboards and music and shot beautiful imagery for everything, so I'm really excited."
"My favorite thing about Ryan is his extraordinary talent," the gorgeous actress gushed.

As for filming the flick, Hendricks said, "We'll start when I finish the next season of Mad Men, so we'll start shooting in May."

"I know that Ryan's calling the whole movie a fantasy noir, that's the best way to describe it," Hendricks says of How to Catch a Monster. "I play the mother of two young boys in this town that's really down and out. A lot of people are moving out, a lot of people are being kicked out of their homes. And I'm a mother who's really trying to find a place for my boys and protect them the best way I can."
 Our favorite thing about Ryan is his extraordinary talent too. This movie will be fantastic!

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