Sunday, December 30, 2012

NEW Ryan Gosling interview with

This is from the Gangster Squad press junket in LA.


Canada’s own Ryan Gosling says he had a great time recreating the 1940s Hollywood crime scene in his new action-packed drama, Gangster Squad. Gosling plays a cop who joins a secret squad of other policemen who try to bring down notorious gangster Mickey Cohen (Sean Penn). spoke with Ryan about his love for gangster films, the responsibility he felt playing a guy based on real person, getting a rash from the costumes and wanting his face on a mug courtesy of Tim Hortons.

Interview by Bonnie Laufer Krebs for Tribute Entertainment Media Group
We want  that mug too, Ryan.

Thanks to @flowerproof for the tip :)



  1. I can't hear his voice clearly. But he looks so manly in this video ;)
    Btw, is this the only video from LA press junket?
    I thought there will be lots of vids since it's already 1-2 weeks from the junket?

    1. Hi Clara :)

      It's the only one so far. We expect a lot of interviews to be released next week.


    2. Yay! Can't wait!!
      Thanks Fab! ;)