Thursday, December 27, 2012

Ryan Gosling is always on our list

If you follow @Gosloving on twitter you'll know that Ryan has been included in a number of the end of year best of lists!

First he was one of FemaleFirst's 12 Men of Christmas:

"He's one of the hottest men in the world and we're unwrapping him (not literally, unfortunately) on the first day of Christmas!"

Then he was included on Elle UK magazine's Men of the Year list

"Ryan Gosling
Oh, Ryan. You truly are a God amongst men. Eva, stop being greedy. Share! "

Ryan was also included in GQ's list of the most stylish men of 2012

"For the man who had menswear's undivided attention in 2011, Gosling was basically in hiding for the past twelve months. When he did step out though, it was to remind us why he deserved our tween-level adoration in the first place. See that picture on the right? That's what Gosling looks like buying cheese."

and most recently OK magazine included Ryan in their list of the Hottest Men of 2012

Even though the lucky Eva Mendes has staked claim on our man, he is still top in our book of sexiest man in Hollywood. From playing a sensitive and romantic lover in The Notebook to kicking butt in Gangster Squad - there's nothing Ryan can't do! Swoon!"

Love all the comments!! And yes Ryan is always on our lists!!

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