Saturday, June 15, 2013

Brand New 'Only God Forgives' trailer

"Kill them all"

Only God Forgives arrives on screens on July 19th and if it follows in Drive's footsteps may well 'kill' Ryan fans!!  Watch the new trailer below

"Tonally falling somewhere between "Valhalla Rising" and "Drive," the latest from Refn takes the neon slickness of the latter and gives it the slow burn treatment of the former for a truly unique experience. Dialogue is minimal (Ryan Gosling says less here than in "Drive," and much of the movie's dialogue is in Thai), and the story, by appearances, is thin (a vengeance tale, pitting two unstoppable men against each other), but the subtext running throughout is rich. Yes, Gosling's character has more to him than a five o'clock shadow and brooding visage, and when the blood comes...well, Refn doesn't hold back."

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