Thursday, January 24, 2013

Everyone loves Ryan Gosling

Saw this great story today and just had to share .... it seems everyone loves Ryan Gosling!  If you read our comments on previous posts (here and here) Ryan commented that he was hoping for Gangster Squad promotional mugs.  Well now thanks to fan Sarah J. Velasquez he has one!!

"Earlier this month, posted a video in which Gangster Squad star Ryan Gosling said he hoped his role in the film noir would earn him his very own collectible Ryan Gosling Tim Horton’s coffee mug — like the Dick Tracy Burger King cups he collected as a kid. While the comment went mostly without notice, employee and Gosling fan Sarah J. Velasquez wasn’t just going to let the actor’s dreams go unfulfilled: on Jan.9, she and a co-worker created their very own cut-and-paste Gosling-Timmie’s mug, and posted the creation online. A few weeks later, Tim Hortons — inspired by Velasquez’s creation — unveiled an official Ryan Gosling coffee mug, to be delivered to the actor himself."

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