Friday, January 11, 2013

Interview: Ryan Gosling having fun

Here's what James Rocchi form Hitlist has to say about this interview:

On a normal day in my abnormal job, I interview people who make movies. Now and then, it's a lengthy conversation in person or on the phone; on other occasions, it's a brief sit-down in a small, over-lit hotel room rigged with cameras and lights. Every time you walk into one of those small rooms, I think it's very easy to remember and know that these actors, actresses and (sometimes) directors and producers don't know you, and they will assuredly not remember you from the last time you spoke. You have a polite conversation about the film and their work, and move on.


On other occasions, though, an actor you've spoken to before feels like they know you, based on your chit-chat before interviews beginning and cameras rolling. (For example, Gosling and I both spent time in central Ontario -- he grew up near the place where I went to college -- and have talked about that before.) And perhaps, just perhaps, that actor wants to give you ... not grief, certainly, but, uh, a lively time. Maybe he or she just wants to mix it up a little bit. And they know you just well enough to do that for themselves and to you, with all the subtle things the difference between those two verbs implies.

Such was the case sitting down with Ryan Gosling to talk "Gangster Squad," which started -- and started going off the rails -- as soon as another person in the room (one of the many people who make these interviews happen, thanklessly, so thanks to them all here) noted in the waiting-for-it-all-t​o-start conversation that she'd seen me the day prior interviewing Sylvester Stallone, and here I was now, and life was funny. I agreed.

So, apparently, did Gosling: "You were with Stallone yesterday? What? I would like to spend our interview talking about Sylvester Stallone ... can't I have it my way, just once?"

I -- delicately -- tried to shift the conversation back to Mr. Gosling's film, "Gangster Squad."

You can see what happens below. And in advance, I blame myself.
We dare you not to laugh :)

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